Simon & Finn Bloopers

So a few people have asked about how the creative process works.  Here’s a brief example.  Basically an idea pops up – related to science, or quirky society things, or rants of some kind – and then Simon & Finn start chatting about it…

Unfortunately sometimes Finn parties all night and has a lot of trouble coming up with a punch line.

He usually slides in approximately 7 to 9 Simon insults before landing on something that passes the censor board (there’s about 8 in the sketch above).

On a totally related note, have you ever tried drawing a coffee cup?  It’s astounding how difficult they are to draw.  You can see a few odd specimens below that look like some kind of chia pet/coffee hybrid.

(Maybe the chia coffee could become a new evil character, like those people that deliberately brew weak coffee to make you slow and easily influenced).

So far the greatest creative block, aside from weak coffee, is getting Simon to smile naturally so he doesn’t look like super uber nerd.  You can see what I mean in the following outtakes – gah!

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