Science, Environment & Policy

Jumping the Gun on the Wipeout Gene  Piece published in Greener Ideal on a large-scale experiment resulting in the release of genetically modified mosquitoes into the wild.  Scary stuff.

Beware the rogue bioengineer  Piece published in The Georgia Strait re: large scale algal experiment conducted off Canada’s west coast

Pandas: Available in Black, White & Shades of Grey   Piece looking at the various aspects to panda diplomacy

Canada and the Arctic Grail   A brief take-off from McKenzie Funk’s awesome piece in Harpers, looking at the geopolitical implications of melting ice in the Arctic

What Dilbert has in common with Oil Pipelines..  Not much, but this piece looks at some of the major technical issues associated with the transport of dilbit oil through pipeline.

NYC’s Lowline Underground – The Future of Parks?  A piece looking at NYC’s proposed underground park – utopic?  Dystopic?  You decide.

The mostly harmless Higgs Boson (or so long, and thanks for all the fonts)  This was a fun and popular piece looking at the intersection between Higgs Boson and the highly ridiculous Comic Sans font 🙂

Oilin’ the Machine: Pipelines, politics, and 1984  Opinion on the state of environmental policy making in Canada..

The immortal jellyfish, David Wilcox, and glow in the dark cats  Short piece looking at the one creature that actually does live forever..

Social Psychology

Beware the Conversation Weasel  Tongue in cheek piece re: those people that loooove dominating conversations..

Andre the Seal gets fishing permit, Whales wait patiently    Had some fun with a news item where a seal was awarded a fishing permit 🙂

Facebook Timeline and the Quantified Self    This was a popular post looking at the increasing number of ways we quantify our lives and the absurdity of doing so

Too Much of a Good Thing?  Another popular post examining the implications of choice – or paralysis by analysis

Why is Email Addictive?  There actually is a basis for why!

Flow, meaning & a state of grace – Part 1  Or, looking at how we create and define meaning in our lives

Flow, meaning & a state of grace – Part 2  Looking at how we create and define meaning in our lives, part two

Why David Eddie’s Cool    I like David Eddie’s advice column, what can I say.

Creative Writing

I am Sock Monkey   Creative writing piece imagining the sad and sorry fate of what was a the king of all sock monkeys..

The Fall    Creative writing piece on.. well.. you’ll have to read it to see

The last of those summer hooves  A nostalgic piece reflecting on those childhood summer days

A sweet little creature   A personal piece about my experiences with meeting a little mouse deer


Plato’s Beard and the Pegasus Idea  A philosophy piece that I now find very confusing

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