An Ancient S&F Story

This is a really old S&F story written in 1998 (ish).  The image quality isn’t the best, however perhaps some might find it interesting to see how the characters have developed since that time.  Happy reading!

Australia1a Australia2a Australia3a Australia4a Australia5a Australia6 a Australia7 a Australia8 a Australia9 a Australia10 a Australia11 b Australia12 a Australia13 a Australia14 a\

Austrlia15aAustralia16a Australia17a Australia18a Australia19a Australia20 b Australia21 b Australia22 aFin!

5 thoughts on “An Ancient S&F Story

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  4. Good ending! I guess Finn was really happy to learn he is related to Simon, as far back as the ameba 🙂 Also quite funny that the animals in the Finger Reef park seem perplexed by the sight of Simon & Finn, but all the humans in the story are all good interacting with them in English!! 🙂 Makes me long for humans to be more indiscriminating like that in my world!

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