Vintage Simon & Finn Cartoons

This is when Simon and Finn make their first guest appearance… (waaaay back in 2001)

And start to wreak havoc.

Note to Reader: Finn (the hairball looking one) – has a very small bladder.  This is a recurrent theme.

Here’s a few more.. this was kind of ‘beta-concept’ Simon & Finn as I was thinking of newspaper strips at the time.  I sent a few off to some syndicates, but gave up after showing them to my mom.  I think she was calculating the cost of putting me through school only to end up with some weird cartoons.

The following happens on a Monday in Simon & Finn’s world –

Ok.  I’ve decided to add a few more.  Didn’t seem quite fair to leave them stuck on a Monday.

This next thread is a little odd…think there was some sleep deprivation occurring.

And here’s another slightly strange thread involving the Mona Lisa…

simon&finn6 simon&finn6 simon&finn6 simon&finn7 simon&finn7

Your thoughts?

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