Mortgaged to the hilt

Ben3 small

P.S. For those of who’ve been breathlessly following the naming debate for this little strip, “Grin & Bear It” was going to be THE name, but alas it’s taken !!  Since 1932 in fact… a fellow by the name of George Lichtenstein debuted it as a comic strip name then and it’s now the property of King Features Syndicate.  Which doesn’t seem all that fair to me considering it seems a bit vestigial now, but oh well..

However all is not lost. THE name will debut next week.  Promise, end of story.  And then we can close this chapter.. to your great relief I’m sure. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Mortgaged to the hilt

  1. Ahhh, the banks! Of course the latest twist on bank mortgages is the ‘mortgage on your bank job’, if you can survive until you train the person who your job will be outsourced to. Dont’cha jest luv um? Makes you wonder that they don’t hold a copyright on your job too??

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