S&F Nothing New Under the Sun

S&F New Under the Sun1 smallPS.  This cartoon was a bit delayed in getting out there, sorry!  The gorgeous weather this weekend made it hard to sit down at a computer.  On an unrelated note, I added a page with a couple of art pieces to the blog.  You can see it here.  🙂

2 thoughts on “S&F Nothing New Under the Sun

  1. And I am a bit (!) delayed in my commenting on this 🙂 That Simon sure gets riled up pretty quick! 🙂

    That page with your various art pieces is amazing! So much diversity in media, expression, subject matter, and a wonderful collage of your numerous talents. I am particularly drawn to your plasticine female forms (“Bound” and “Woman on blocks”) – they look quite realistic and have great detail!

    • Simon has a short fuse, particularly before coffee. 🙂 Thank you for the nice comments on the art piece page. It’s definitely a collage of approaches. Ah, but to focus….

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