3 thoughts on “S&F Maggie’s Way

  1. Alright Finn, am I going to need to come over there and tickle your funny bone?!

    Thank you so much, Mel!! When I saw the notice for this post in my inbox, I did a double-take, smiled, and thought to myself: What have Simon & Finn cooked up for me now?!?! 🙂 Hmmm, how can we turn this soup of misery — the recipe for which I am well familiar with — into one of my more recent Rainbow Life Salads?! 🙂 (http://maggiesway.ca/special-dish-for-the-week-rainbow-life-salad-with-quinoa/)

    Love you, Mel: Simon & Finn! Now, get *cracking* on something *wise* from Finn!! 🙂

    • Of course! Finn was taking a (very rare) moment of thoughtful reflection. This only happens once every 100 posts.. coincidentally this was the 100th! Love you Maggie! Watch this space for wise and not so wisecracks. xo

      • I will keep watching this space, as I see I might need to keep a closer eye on you, Finn, and another one on your funny bone! Happy centenary post 🙂

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