5 thoughts on “Camus – Hold them at a distance

    • Exactly! I feel that this is one reason why parks are so important. I think it was Jeremy Rifkin that said urban areas are like having an solipsistic relationship with the human brain.

      • That’s the 2nd time in the last few days I see the word solipsistic – never new this word before – and having looked it up twice now, I am still not sure I could actually use it in a sentence! The 1st instance for me was in the book “1984”, which I just finished reading – THAT was a challenging one, too! Great perspective to be gained, for sure!

        • Hi Maggie! It’s a great word. And 1984 is a great book. I can’t recall where in the book he used solipsistic, but given its theme it seems like the right word. Did you enjoy the book?

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