Sculpture in progress: Alleycat

photo2 smI started this piece last spring and randomly decided to work on it some more today..  it’s made of a combination of tape, metal, and this wonderful sculpture material called paperclay which can be used to give a more textured look.

Here is a side 1 smP.S. The tail used to be higher in the air but then a wasp stung me, I knocked it over on the ground during the commotion, and voila, the tail was curved into a new shape. So is that a happy accident out of unhappy one? Still deciding!

2 thoughts on “Sculpture in progress: Alleycat

  1. Great story! I love how inspiration struck you to pick up an old endeavour, and then nature stung you (ouch!) to help shape it. Not having seen the original, pre-stinging shape of the tail, it is impossible to compare – though, seeing the current one, I like it for its gentleness / flexibility effect on the otherwise pointy and rigid feel of the cat.
    P.S. Hopefully you’re ok (if not even somehow ameliorated 🙂 ) from the sting too!!

    • Heh, thanks Maggie! I am going to post a pre-stinging tail shape as I bent it back to see how it looks, it would be cool to see which shape you like best. That’s the best and yet most aggravating part of this piece as the framework is malleable (i.e. I can change my mind, and yet, I can change my mind). 🙂

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