4 thoughts on “Bearings: Intelligent Design

  1. Not sure the driver of that redesigned vehicle would agree 😉 But it sure would be nice for all those on the outside! Maybe if the fuel was changed too and the exhaust was water vapour…imagine how lovely the moistened skin of the driver would be! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing the social commentary!! xo

    • Ha ha that’s the point.. why should vehicle exhaust be externalized to everybody else? That said, your suggestion would be super intelligent design although it might encourage more vehicle manufacturing and its attendant extraction and emission demands, unless that whole system is redesigned for communal benefit as well.

      • Agreed!!

        (My darker (?) side did envision how quickly the traffic problem would be solved by your proposed redesign… But then there would likely be a lot of tears before we collectively breathed a deep sigh of relief…)

        I love how in Vancouver we now have 4 car shares and a bike share coming in June!! Loved trying the one in TO 🙂

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