Welcome to Simon & Finn!  Please click on an image below to navigate between pages, or use the menu bar above for a few more options.  Happy reading!

Welcome - S&FA weekly cartoon and blog on the antics of two coffee-fueled characters with a philosophical bent (and the place to go in order to follow the blog!)

Welcome - ErnieIllustrated stories on the Life and Times of Ernie!  Join Ernie as he accidentally explores Nietzsche, Bertrand Russell, Sartre, and others on his travels.  Five different stories to enjoy!

Welcome - Cat & MouseA dark-hearted foray into the origin of the eternal cat and mouse battle using pictures, cartoon sculptures, and two bottles of wine.

Welcome - GN PostsMusings on the arduous, aggravating and yet somehow rewarding process of graphic novel development.

Welcome - Other WritingA random plethora of writing on topics ranging from environmental issues, Facebook addiction, conversational weasels, finding meaning, random topics that amuse me, and some creative writing.

Your thoughts?

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