MexiKahlo, painting

mexikahlo-felder-2016I was reading about Frida Kahlo and decided to create an adaptation of some themes. The painting is acrylic and charcoal, work-in-progress. The border/frame is photoshopped at this point.


Earth, Sea, and Sky OCAD Exhibition

Pleased to announce the following small pieces were selected for OCAD’s Earth, Sea, and Sky 2016 Exhibition, opening July 7 and running until September. I’ll post more details when available but the exhibition “explores nature by sculptors and fibre and video artists from Continuing Studies at OCAD U. Landscapes, seascapes, flora, and fauna are featured in a wide range of media”.

japan landscape (acrylic) - felder - felderJapan (acrylic and medium on canvas)

goat (paperclay) - felderGoat (paperclay and wire)

Barbara Yelin: On creativity

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a talk by Barbara Yelin, German illustrator and author. She was demo-ing a live drawing session as part of the Toronto Comic Art Festival. In addition to being an enchanting speaker, Yelin’s artwork is marvelous. I particularly liked some of the images she showed from one of her wordless earlier works: Le Visiteur.
Barbara Yelin - titleIn Le Visiteur, Yelin explained how she uses drawing as a means to uncover her characters and eventually, the plot. For example, she described how she would draw an interesting space, and old house for example, and as she kept drawing perhaps a laneway would appear, lined with trees. And in a drawing after that, perhaps a small figure would appear.Barbara Yelin - 2As she moved (or drew rather) closer, she might discover this character is in fact a little girl carrying a basket of fish. And eventually perhaps another character – a giant of a bird – may turn up. Voila, protagonist and antagonist, respectively. And the story evolves and continues in this way, drawing after drawing revealing who and what happens next.
Barbara Yelin - 3Contrast this with some of her later work, which arguably is more in keeping with the standard graphic novel tradition of page layouts, panels, dialogue and narrative, and related elements.Irmina_S149While the latter is sophisticated – evincing thought, planning and effort, as well considerable technical skill (see page spreads in Irmina) one might wonder if there is something, some spark of deep, dusky intuition, that is best nurtured when coaxed from a drawing, as opposed to when words and plot must march to page layouts and drawings must live within panel borders.

Please visit Barbara Yelin’s blog to see more of her wonderful work:



Cinematography & Comics

cdn.indiewire.comMy friend and colleague Dale Sood just debuted his filmmaking series on IndieWire today, a 10 part series that focuses on subversive concepts in filmmaking. I created some basic sketches for the first episode with legendary comic book artist and brilliant instructor Ty Templeton – “What Cinematographers can learn from Comic Book Artists“. You can see it here, enjoy!

Character sketches, rebuffed

In recent weeks I was in discussions with some people regarding possibly illustrating their children’s book. I came up with the following sketches which were rejected for being too “colouring book”.  Ouch!  The whole process wasn’t exactly the best experience, but at least now I can use the characters for something else. I like the dog. 🙂Magic World - SugarMagic World - Tammy


Firemen, once more

Here are the simple sketches completed for Raindance Theatre’s web series video production: The Cinematography of Comics, as I posted about last week. They are firemen, but not your regular kind. Back to regular Simon & Finn cartoons next week!Drunk Fireman smPeggy Fireman - smOldie Fireman - sm


Firemen Sketches – Raindance Theatre

Thought I’d post some sketches in progress for Toronto’s Raindance Theatre. The finals are to be used in their web series video production: The Cinematography of Comics (working title), featuring none other than the infamous Ty Templeton.

I welcome any feedback so as to improve the final product.. not totally satisfied with Sketch #2 just yet, but hopefully the atypical nature of each fireman is fairly clear.

photo 1 adj photo 2 - adj photo 3 - adj



Ernie, in process

Allo!  It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I wanted to give a quick update on a character some might remember from time past: Ernie the Philosopher.  As Ernie is in process of migrating to book form (all very grassroots for now), I thought I’d post a few pics from the ‘beta’ book. 🙂

It remains to be seen what’s next, but it’s been gratifying to witness a 3D Ernie, and I’ll be sure to post any news as it unfolds.  The original Ernie stories can be seen here:

June 2015 Update: Happy to announce that the story, Ernie & The Forest of Envy, tied for first place in Toronto Writers’ Cooperative Helen Knight Short Story contest.



Ink exercises

I’m taking a class with graphic novelist Fiona Smyth, and thought I’d post some in-class exercises we did from Drawing Words, Writing Pictures (relevant links provided below this post).

The concept was to first make some random ink marks, secondly draw whatever we saw in them, and third add some text.  The first one is meant to be read from right to left, starting from the bottom right.  The second is a bit more consecutive.

Ink small

Ink 2 smallLinks of Interest:

Fiona Smyth:

Drawing Words, Writing Pictures: