Fatal Light Awareness Program (illus.)

The following pen & ink piece was created as a sample illustration for the Toronto-based organization F.L.A.P (Fatal Light Awareness Program). Since 1993, FLAP has coordinated a volunteer intiative to pick up the birds that have collided with city buildings. This effort has amounted to tens of thousands of birds since the FLAP was founded in 1993. The birds that are found alive (less than 40%) are brought in for rehabilitation and later release.

An estimated one to ten birds die per building, per year, by flying into glass or other reflective surfaces during the day or at night. This means that, without better safeguarding (such as BirdSafe building standards and effective bird deterrant technologies), the City of Toronto has over 950,000 registered buildings that could potentially kill over 9 million birds each year.

flap - felderThe organization also coordinates several other valuable initiatives to do with bird safety, awareness and education. See more: http://www.flap.org/who-we-are.php

Flowers in ink and mylar

I’ve been amusing myself with india ink and watercolour pencils lately. Here is a larger work using a combination of mylar overlaid on watercolour paper, india ink, and watercolour pencils. Flora (ink on mylar) - Felder web




S&F: Lachesis

The following is very loosely based on the recent research in telomeres, aging & disease. I took a bit of a left turn into Greek mythology. Everyone needs more Greek mythology in their life.

S&F - Lachesis 400 x 800

S&F Nanoparticles

The following S&F cartoon was created for The Potent, a Canadian environmental news and media blog. It’s surprisingly difficult to find consistent information about the impact of nanoparticles on human/environmental health, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we read more about them in the future.

S&F - Nanoparticles blog

Corporate Knights: Fish on Prozac

Fish on Prozac smallThis cartoon was created ten years ago for the back page of Corporate Knights magazine.  Unfortunately, the issue of fish physiology being affected by the drugs we take is as pertinent today as it was then.


S&F: Pipelines and Fishy Protection

S&F outfoxed smallThis cartoon was drawn for The Potent.ca.  It unfortunately is based on real events occurring now in our great nation.  Click here and here for more info.