Moving things forward – I think

So, I thought I’d provide an update on some of the graphic novel projects I was mentioning in earlier posts.  It’s been quite the learning curve in terms of trying to get up to speed on everything from how to layout a page to inking it (actually it’s been more like a learning precipice).

Anyhow, I can now happily say I’m about halfway through a longer Simon & Finn adventure with about 60 pages complete out of an estimated 120-ish.  It’s been interesting (for me anyway) to see how much the style has changed over the last few months as I try out new approaches.  For example, this is page one in the book (which some of you have already seen): 1 1- Simon gets a letterYou, astute reader, I expect will be horrified to see how stilted the speech balloons and especially the text look.  Not something I really noticed nor thought about going in but looking back, I’m like gah!  Ick. Yuck. It’s exactly like finding a nematode in your drink.

This next page is from much later on in the story, roughly about page 59 (ok, it’s exactly page 59, who am I kidding).  Here I feel the art is bit more “legit” in terms of demonstrating a more confident line, more white space, and the speech balloons and text seem to come together better.  To me, the feel of the page is cleaner and more appealing than the example above.8 59 Simon is stungAnd in the following page I even tried out filling in some black… I was feeling bold!

8 60 Discovery of cave ptgsNow, I know that you’re dying to know what’s next – right?  Well, I was thinking it might be good to emerge from the hermit shell and see what people think so far.  I’m grateful that a graphic novel reviewer has kindly agreed to look it over so we’ll see what comes of that, and I’m also looking around for editors active in this area as I have the sneaking suspicion there are some – ok a lot – of dull plot moments that should be edited out (i.e. just ‘cuz I think Simon & Finn sitting around a campfire for pages on end is all that, doesn’t mean you will 🙂

Anyway, that’s all for now!  Happy Friday!