Quentin Blake

quentin blake s2This is a self-portrait of the illustrator Quentin Blake in his younger years, who brought to life some wonderful childhood books by Roald Dahl like The Twits, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and many, many more.

Who could forget The Twits!




More “little c” – final sketches

Here are some more “little c” drawings commissioned for a childrens story about an adventurous beaver.  I’ll post another update on little c when the final story is complete.

little c- stealing aboard small little c- seasick small little c- landing small

“little c” – story sketches

Little C - sketches smallI’ve been working on some drawings for a colleague’s childrens book, so I thought I’d post a few sketches.  The main character is a beaver called little c.  The final will look something like this… she’s kind of cute I think.  🙂

Little C - sketch sample