Dark Horse Rising – Cover for S&F Story

So.. some time ago, I vaguely threatened a longer Simon & Finn story..   As (a) I like to make good on threats, and (b) there’s a cover page theme going since last week, here’s the cover underway from this particular project – it’s a different track from the weekly cartoon commentary as the longer story takes place in a strange new world.

A few might recognize a nod to one or two childhood heroes in the cover design to date (hint: plus fours).

Still a long way to go before the finished project! 🙂

DH Cover Colour 1

And now for something completely different..

So, instead of a cartoon for this week I thought I would show a couple pages from an illustration/writing project I’m working on.  It’s very much a work in progress and learning Photoshop has been the bane of my existence lately, but small steps I suppose.

Cover page in progress below…

MouseyCoverfineCOLOURThis next page is later on in the story, after many curious things happen (those strange white stump things in the lower panels are supposed to be trees, but I haven’t fixed that part yet).

Mousey23 TEST

S&F Zombiefied

S&FZombies!Here’s a piece published in Philosophy Now’s very cool zombie issue.  The article was about how zombies could technically have meaningful existence as they have both purpose (‘get brains’) and satisfaction (‘eat brains’).  I’m simplifying it a bit, but was fun to read. 🙂

Update: I just found out the text for the article is available on-line for those who are curious, but the cartoon above is for subscribers/print version – you saw it here first!