And now for something completely different..

So, instead of a cartoon for this week I thought I would show a couple pages from an illustration/writing project I’m working on.  It’s very much a work in progress and learning Photoshop has been the bane of my existence lately, but small steps I suppose.

Cover page in progress below…

MouseyCoverfineCOLOURThis next page is later on in the story, after many curious things happen (those strange white stump things in the lower panels are supposed to be trees, but I haven’t fixed that part yet).

Mousey23 TEST

6 thoughts on “And now for something completely different..

  1. I love the title! I also love how dramatic the lower panel is! Good for you, learning something new. There are great blogs on how to work with photoshop… I never got past getting rid of red eyes.

    • Thanks AK! Come to think of it.. I’m not sure if I figured out that red eye thing yet either! That would be one of the most usable skills too, ha, ha. I ended up taking a course in PS but there is a lot more to learn. Alas… 🙂

  2. It is so great to see your work on this undertaking! I like the look so far, as well as the idea. I hadn’t read the poem before, so I just quickly did now, and will need to study it better – and you novella will surely help in that. So far, too, reading the poem and thinking about pondering its meaning, I was reminded of the ideas from the zombie analysis piece in Philosophy Now that your Simon and Finn cartoon accompanied:

    On the technical side, good for you for learning Photoshop – it looks like you’re doing great with it! I have been using Photoshop for years, with what feels like one hand tied behind my back, squinting through the fog of confusion, and only recently rejoicing over figuring out that there are layers and that you can edit text on images if you save the file as a PSD rather than JPG – and I thought THAT was advanced! 🙂 So, kudos to you!

    I look forward to previewing more of your work, as you decide to share…

    • Hey thanks for the thoughtful comments Maggie! I really like the poem that the novella is based on, but can’t pretend to understand it on all its levels so I hope that illustrating it will help in that. Ultimately interpretation is always subjective though (by the way, it’s interesting that your reading made you think of the S&F zombie piece as that’s sort of where I’m going with it in terms of finding meaning/purpose).

      I laughed when I read your comment about layers in Photoshop, as that’s the very thing I learned in the course! I use Gimp, but it also has this layers function that I had no clue about until the course… so it looks as though we’re at the same level on that one.. 🙂

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