Dark Horse Rising – Cover for S&F Story

So.. some time ago, I vaguely threatened a longer Simon & Finn story..   As (a) I like to make good on threats, and (b) there’s a cover page theme going since last week, here’s the cover underway from this particular project – it’s a different track from the weekly cartoon commentary as the longer story takes place in a strange new world.

A few might recognize a nod to one or two childhood heroes in the cover design to date (hint: plus fours).

Still a long way to go before the finished project! 🙂

DH Cover Colour 1

9 thoughts on “Dark Horse Rising – Cover for S&F Story

  1. Simon has legs?!? 🙂 And great to see you mixing things up a bit once again. I am even getting more comfortable with it 🙂 And I look forward to seeing more of both stories, in words and in visuals. Good work on Photoshopping/Gimping!

    • Ok that was hilarious! Until you wrote that I had no idea that people wouldn’t know Simon has legs… guess they’ve only been in my head until recently! Too funny… legs in the clouds I suppose.

      • Good reminder to us writers and artists of all kind (gulp!) – don’t expect people to read to your mind! 🙂

        • Yes.. I learned that the hard way when I got feedback on a wordless story I was working on. Went over like a lead balloon. Clarity of story is critical-

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