S&F in Philosophy Now: The Paradox of Liberalism

The following cartoon accompanied the print version of Francisco Uribe’s article “The Paradox of Liberalism” (Philosophy Now, Issue 110).  In this article, the writer discusses why the rise of fundamentalism poses particular challenges for liberalism given the latter’s core tenet that individuals should be able to act as they see fit…

S&F Liberalism 900x1621 300dpi sm

Bearings: Ice cream trucks

Ah, summer. With it, glorious sun, heat, growing green things.. and the incessant idling of ice-cream trucks. Maybe I was in a bad mood but the following came to mind after noticing the “watch for children” sign on the truck that circles my block. I’m trying out a few things here, including colour, a brand new scanner (!), and a troubled attempt at perspective, as witnessed by the many eraser marks…Bearings - Ice Cream small




S&F Oil Sands, repurposed

S&F OilSands1smallP.S. Some of you might think this one seems familiar.. and you would be right!  I have repurposed an old joke.  I should be ashamed..  but, I wanted to use this for something else and improve the punchline and drawing.  Hopefully I succeeded.  The original one can be seen here in case you’d like to disagree and/or play spot the differences!   And, an old oil sands rant that – alas – still holds true can be read here.

S&F and Philosophy Now – “Camus & the Myth of Sisyphus”

This piece was published in the Camus issue of Philosophy Now.

Bonus for S&F followers!  The Easter Egg in the strip (where easter egg refers to the gamer term for a hidden message or joke) is that the song they are singing at the end is the refrain for.. click here to find out!  🙂

S&F Camus3

Media memory loss

S&FPhilosophy&MediaThis is a rejected Philosophy Now submission from back in March intended to accompany an article around philosophy and the media.  Looking back, the drawing and the writing could have been better, I was tired when I did this one.  That said, I still agree with the premise of superficiality of most news stories – perhaps an S&F topic for another time.

Happy long weekend everyone!

Printing Guns

S&F3DGunP.S.  For more reading on the actual story, see here, here, and here.  Crazy world we’re living in…  On a positive note, my coffee cups are finally starting to look a little less like chia pets.

Entering… Ben (or possibly Bean)

testSimon & Finn are taking a well-deserved holiday and this little furry chap wanted to meet you all.. so here I’m delighted to introduce you to the inaugural “Ben” (or possibly Bean).  I might post a few more of these to see what you guys think –

A Finn-y Friendship 3


Ok, so this week – in addition to taking a final cheap shot at psycho-analyzing Finn – I’m still playing around with formatting. It’s been tricky to find a middle ground between gigantic and miniscule (aka the Goldilocks conundrum).

I also am trying out a new version of Gimp, an open-source (i.e. free) alternative to PhotoShop.

Conclusion?  Don’t try too many new things at once.

Anyhow, here’s my latest attempt, hope it translates ok on your screens.  🙂