A Finn-y Friendship 3


Ok, so this week – in addition to taking a final cheap shot at psycho-analyzing Finn – I’m still playing around with formatting. It’s been tricky to find a middle ground between gigantic and miniscule (aka the Goldilocks conundrum).

I also am trying out a new version of Gimp, an open-source (i.e. free) alternative to PhotoShop.

Conclusion?  Don’t try too many new things at once.

Anyhow, here’s my latest attempt, hope it translates ok on your screens.  🙂

11 thoughts on “A Finn-y Friendship 3

  1. I like the formatting! It’s easy to read. He is still a punk… but a likeable (indulging all of our bad side) PUNK!
    I was reading an article about how our biggest flaws can also be our strongest attributes. Like enthousiasm…. wonderful when applied to something positive/ overwhelming when it has nowhere good to go!
    I like the the dragon look on Simon!

    • Heh, heh! Thanks Karine. I wonder what the strong attribute of a punk is.. maybe they’re good in situations that call for bluntness (not my strong suit). Interesting point about enthusiasm, I hadn’t really thought of the downside of that – without an outlet one can imagine that would be difficult. Like damming a torrential river..

      (I kinda like Simon as a dragon too.. 🙂

  2. Simon has a dark side! It was only a matter of time I guess. I like the new format too. It shows well on both my laptop and my iPhone.

    I also really like Karine’s comment. I can’t help but think of situations where I have felt frustration towards others, or a situation, and wonder if I could have been more aware of ‘my strongest attribute’ how my reactions would have been different. Hmmm. Makes one think!


    • This made me laugh! “Simon has a dark side” I suppose when his taste in wine is questioned he does. 🙂
      Interesting point about strongest attributes – it’s almost another level of thinking in terms of seeing where the achilles heel is in one’s supposed best characteristics.. and vice-versa.

      PS. Thanks so much for the feedback on format from both of you, that’s super helpful. I’ll keep on in this direction then unless someone tells me their computer exploded thanks to the dragon..

  3. The new look is great, Melissa. It’s easier to read, and the illustrations are much crisper. I’m always amazed at how much expression you can create with just a few lines — Finn’s eyes, for example. And now that I look again, Simon’s, too.

  4. What?! We will not find out what makes Finn such a PITA?! (Pain In The Ass 🙂 Please psycho-analyze some more sometime!! 🙂

    Re: format – yes, this size is much better on the eyes. Works well on my PC & iTouch. A colleague uses Gimp and likes it – hope it works for you!

    Great expressions on Simon’s & Finn’s faces! But whoah, what’s up with the 5th frame?! Deviation from the 4-frame norm?!

    And too funny how Simon got nails shooting out of his hoofs when truly annoyed!! 🙂

    • PITA ! Ha ha! That brings new meaning to the eating of pita bread. Maybe this will become an in joke.. when Simon gets mad at Finn he chomps on a piece of pita. Keep an eye out for that one. 🙂

      I’m glad the format works for you too!! I like Gimp but admit my technical prowess is a bit limited. A friend kindly gave me a drawing tablet which I’m trying out as well which is kind of fun.

      The fifth frame was just for you Maggie, I know how much you like change ! 🙂 In all seriousness though, the great thing about webcomics is you can really play around with the look of a strip, so I thought I’d try the occasional five panel as it gives some space for pausing while Simon processes the depth of Finn’s pita-ness. 🙂

      ps. The psycho analysis will come up again… cue jaws theme.

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