Entering… Ben (or possibly Bean)

testSimon & Finn are taking a well-deserved holiday and this little furry chap wanted to meet you all.. so here I’m delighted to introduce you to the inaugural “Ben” (or possibly Bean).  I might post a few more of these to see what you guys think –

11 thoughts on “Entering… Ben (or possibly Bean)

  1. I would like to see a few more, but if I might be so bold to critique (if that’s what you are looking for), Bean, brought to mind “Mr. Bean”; Ben is a bit soft – how about “Bern, or Berny? Just thinking… :-}

    • Thanks for the feedback! That’s true about Mr. Bean, I hadn’t considered that, good point. But I did like the idea of Bean the Bear.. sort of like a clumsy Gund animal. I actually have another title that’s been recommended, I’ll post a few more and take a poll on what seems to fit. 🙂
      Ps. Berny is cute too. Or maybe Bernie..

      • I see! I thought of Bernie but it is not an uncommon name. That’s why I threw my hat into the ring with Berny, in the sense of Bern, Switz. But I think Ann Karine De Grace has something very appealing with “bine”. I love maple syrup – yummm

  2. I didn’t comment publicly because I didn’t actually know what pigeon holding was. It was clearly illustrated in your cartoon. As a teacher of illustration, i congradulate you!!! Hihi! thank you once again for teaching me something. I thought it was really funny! i like the format. there is something to it. The touch of color is great. It brings attention to the right place. In french, the popular word for beans with maple syrup is ‘bine’. it is also a word for friendly bunch! it seemed relevant!?!?!?

    • Hi Karine! Thanks for the comments and nice thoughts and it’s cool that you noticed the colour as I was trying that out . I quite like the idea of bean equating to a “friendly bunch” – that sounds about right to me. He’s definitely a friendly bear, if a bit put upon, but more on that soon. 🙂

  3. I foresee the appearance of an iconoclast 🙂

    Thanks for mixing things up a bit once more! My vote for Ben, as Bean reminds me of Beanie Babies, which are cute in their own right, but is that what you’re getting at with Ben? Bernie reminds too much of Ernie – is there a connection between them, I wonder?

    I very much liked this 1-framer!

    • Thanks Maggie! Iconoclasts are always fun characters.. actually I went and looked it up to make sure I totally understood what it meant. As per wikipedia, it is: “someone who engages in iconoclasm—destruction of religious symbols or, by extension, established dogma or conventions”.

        • Yes, I recently learned about this word, and too, needed to look it up! Challenging the blindly accepted beliefs and conventions that tend to pigeonhole individuals in ways that really may not have much to do with them, is highly underrated 🙂 Glad the idea resonated with you.

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