S&F in Philosophy Now: Are We Naturally Violent?

S&F in Philosophy Now: Critical Reasoning

The following cartoon accompanied the print version of Marianne Talbot’s How to Think: Critical Reasoning (Philosophy Now, Issue 106). The full article can be viewed here: https://philosophynow.org/issues/106/Critical_Reasoning    —  enjoy!S&F Critical Reasoning small


Ink exercises

I’m taking a class with graphic novelist Fiona Smyth, and thought I’d post some in-class exercises we did from Drawing Words, Writing Pictures (relevant links provided below this post).

The concept was to first make some random ink marks, secondly draw whatever we saw in them, and third add some text.  The first one is meant to be read from right to left, starting from the bottom right.  The second is a bit more consecutive.

Ink small

Ink 2 smallLinks of Interest:

Fiona Smyth: http://www.annickpress.com/author/Fiona_Smyth

Drawing Words, Writing Pictures: http://dw-wp.com/