Character sketches, rebuffed

In recent weeks I was in discussions with some people regarding possibly illustrating their children’s book. I came up with the following sketches which were rejected for being too “colouring book”.  Ouch!  The whole process wasn’t exactly the best experience, but at least now I can use the characters for something else. I like the dog. 🙂Magic World - SugarMagic World - Tammy


S&F in Philosophy Now: Personal Identity

The following cartoon accompanied the print version of Joshua Farris’s What’s So Simple About Personal identity? (Philosophy Now, Issue 107). The article discusses the various theories about what makes up personal identity. For example, some feel that identity is ultimately the result of the collection of memories over time, whereas others argue that it is more attributable to the persistence of character over time, among many other competing theories that I’m not sure we will ever be able to truly resolve.

S&F Identity small

Firemen, once more

Here are the simple sketches completed for Raindance Theatre’s web series video production: The Cinematography of Comics, as I posted about last week. They are firemen, but not your regular kind. Back to regular Simon & Finn cartoons next week!Drunk Fireman smPeggy Fireman - smOldie Fireman - sm


Firemen Sketches – Raindance Theatre

Thought I’d post some sketches in progress for Toronto’s Raindance Theatre. The finals are to be used in their web series video production: The Cinematography of Comics (working title), featuring none other than the infamous Ty Templeton.

I welcome any feedback so as to improve the final product.. not totally satisfied with Sketch #2 just yet, but hopefully the atypical nature of each fireman is fairly clear.

photo 1 adj photo 2 - adj photo 3 - adj