Character sketches, rebuffed

In recent weeks I was in discussions with some people regarding possibly illustrating their children’s book. I came up with the following sketches which were rejected for being too “colouring book”.  Ouch!  The whole process wasn’t exactly the best experience, but at least now I can use the characters for something else. I like the dog. 🙂Magic World - SugarMagic World - Tammy


5 thoughts on “Character sketches, rebuffed

  1. Thank you for sharing your sketches and a little about your experience. It is good to hear that you like your work – that’s really all that matters in the end. 🙂

    Sketch #4 of “Tammy” reminds me of you – self-portrait?!

    Keep up the good work on getting things done and getting your work out there!!

  2. Hey, you have infinitely more chances of succeeding with your various attempts than someone stuck at the gate…uh-hmm… 🙂

    • Ha, I suppose! Although sometimes getting sent back to the drawing board can take a while to recover from, so it can be gate-like as well. Thanks for your continuing support! 🙂

      • Only if we let it 🙂 Artistic expression – and probably everything can be boiled down to that – seems to me to be like a relationship: it won’t work with everyone! And when it works, it doesn’t feel like work, it doesn’t require work, it just works – and it nourishes both the expressor and the ultimate interpreter (the observer).

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