A Finn-y Friendship

chkSo.. I was having a conversation with my mom last week when the subject of webcomics came up (yes, I know – a common topic of conversation with one’s parents…) Anyway, we were merrily chatting and I happened to mention Simon & Finn.  She paused.

Sensing something amiss, I pursued the pause like a beagle after a quick brown fox. The conversation went something like this:

Me: “Why are you pausing?  Is there something about Simon & Finn you are wanting to tell me?”

Mom (uncertainly): “Nooo… not really..”

Me: “What is it?? Tell me!!!”

Mom (uncertainly): “Well…. I’m not quite sure how to say this… but …” She stopped, but then continued in low, hushed tones: “I don’t know if I like Finn!”

Me: “WHAT???”

Mom (growing bolder): “Well.. he’s no good for Simon!  He always brings him down!”

This was pure gold!  And made me think… yes Finn is a bit of a punk… but maybe I haven’t given him enough of a backstory… why is he such a punk… does he really not care about Simon?  And… is he really that unlikable?!  Maybe what I find funny, moms find concerning, but stay with me with me as we delve deeper into the psychology of the hairballed one..

S&F Psychology

Philosophy Now Reject Pile – No. 2

MetaMimosa1 MetaMimosa2 MetaMimosa3 MetaMimosa4Hey gang,

As promised, here is the last cartoon that was submitted to Philosophy Now! for Issue 94 (you can see the accepted cartoon here).

I think Simon got a little too nerdy in this one, however I love the idea of meta-mimosas…  🙂

Next week we’ll be back to Simon & Finn’s regular, coffee-fueled antics.

Thanks for reading!

Philosophy Now Reject Pile – No. 1

Cohen1 Cohen2 Cohen3 Cohen4Last week, Simon & Finn were published in the UK journal Philosophy Now!  That issue dealt with the idea of philosophy and literature. As well as I could understand it, there are some that believe philosophy is best expressed in a clear and almost mathematical manner, and others who feel a more literary or even poetic approach has just as much to offer.

I thought I’d show you guys some of the other cartoons that were submitted for the issue.  This one was actually my favourite but the editor thought it might be too obscure. I think he was right, hence why he’s the editor of course!  🙂

Anyway, I’ll have one more reject to show you next week, and then we’ll resume normal programming.

Thanks for reading!!

Simon & Finn visit Philosophy Now!

S&FPhilosophy nowThis week’s Simon & Finn brought to you courtesy of Philosophy Now!

The latest issue looks at the intersection of philosophy and literature. The next issue will explore communicating philosophy, so if you have ideas for cartoons, I’m taking suggestions!

Next week: The Philosophy Now Reject Pile!