S&F & the Arctic Grail, repurposed

Some time ago I wrote a brief post on McKenzie Funk’s awesome bit of writing on territory wars ensuing from the melting ice in the Arctic.  I wanted to redraw the cartoon as the original was pretty rough.  Here is the more evolved S&F for this week.  🙂

S&F McKenzie Funk repurposed small

S&F – an ol’ story

As the previous five posts were taking up too much space, I’ve opted to delete them and simply put up one page with a sample of the content (this one!).  Basically, the five posts were installments of an old S&F story I crafted in 2001 – you can see the full story here.  Pretty amateur stuff but was fun to do at the time. 🙂

Australia11 b

S&F Monarch Butterfly Freefall

S&FButterflyEffectP.S. The sighting of five butterflies this year refers to particular regions where monarchs are typically expected – “in regions where more than 100 monarchs were spotted in the province last year, fewer than five have been observed this year.”  For more on this, please visit Vidya Kauri’s recent piece in G&M.

S&F doodles

For this week, I am – with some trepidation – posting some ancient Simon & Finn doodles involving a visit with the mysterious queen of the art world herself, no less…  As will become apparent, I was operating on very little sleep at the time.  Caveat emptor!

Graphic Novels: The Secret Sauce

So, a friend had asked me about the process involved with creating a graphic novel/illustrated book/whatever you would like to call it.  As I’ve been in the midst of such a project with a deadline to present some work to the Toronto Writer’s Cooperative tonight, I thought this week’s post could be about that very thing!

First, I draw out the story in thumbnail format.  This part is the most fun, as you can just get creative with the story and yet not invest too much time.

Phase 1

The size, style, degree of ‘finish’ of thumbnails can be anything you like.  For me, I prefer to work on 8.5 x 11 and roughly to the same size and layout as how I see the end product looking.

After drawing out and settling on a certain direction for the overall story, I then “pin it down” – which basically means converting the thumbnailed pages into something more closely resembling a finished product.  I try to leave this part until the end in order to ensure that the overall story is relatively complete and I’m satisfied that the pages that are produced will actually be used.  This is pretty important given the amount of time a page can take to properly finish.

To finish a page, I first draw out all the panel sizes and shapes for each page.  The ruler (and eraser) is critical.Phase 2Next I draw in the panels with pencils.. choose word balloon placement.. add text… and then once that is done, go over all of it with ink. There’s many different ways to add ink to a page.  Some people ‘ink’ directly in the computer, others are master inkers using sable brush and the like.  I prefer the luddite route whereby I do as much as I can by hand and some extremely basic inking using a micron pen, and then I scan it into the computer and clean it up, add colour, etc.  (if you’re curious, an example of a finished page can be seen in a prior post).

Phase 3Now, I should say that this process takes a LONG time, at least 3/4 to a full day per page depending on the detail – and for people that ink professionally I’m sure it could take even longer.  And that’s not even including the time spent cleaning it up on the computer and colouring (another post topic)!

I don’t know any other medium which takes hours just to tell one little joke, so you really gotta love it.  So there you have it.. the secret sauce.

Phase 4.2P.S. Simon looks crosser than I meant in the panel above.  There was a really loud woman talking near me when I was drawing this.

Drawing a Graphic Novel – Colour? No Colour?

As I’ve been focusing lately on longer story projects, here’s the draft first page from Dark Horse Rising.  I won’t be putting the whole project on line (at least at this point) but have been playing around with colour with mixed results. The page below is a variation on grayscale with a fairly limited palette (black, white, gray, and a blueish gray).  As the overall mood is a bit sombre, I’m not sure I’ll stick with this exact palette just yet.DHpg1 - GREY file Below is the same page with some colour added (the peach colour is possibly hideous).

DHpg1 - yellowMy preference right now is for the grayscale version, however they both invoke such different moods.. what to do, what to do.

And don’t get me started on my tribulations with word balloon placement… 🙂

Philosophy Now Reject Pile – No. 2

MetaMimosa1 MetaMimosa2 MetaMimosa3 MetaMimosa4Hey gang,

As promised, here is the last cartoon that was submitted to Philosophy Now! for Issue 94 (you can see the accepted cartoon here).

I think Simon got a little too nerdy in this one, however I love the idea of meta-mimosas…  🙂

Next week we’ll be back to Simon & Finn’s regular, coffee-fueled antics.

Thanks for reading!

Philosophy Now Reject Pile – No. 1

Cohen1 Cohen2 Cohen3 Cohen4Last week, Simon & Finn were published in the UK journal Philosophy Now!  That issue dealt with the idea of philosophy and literature. As well as I could understand it, there are some that believe philosophy is best expressed in a clear and almost mathematical manner, and others who feel a more literary or even poetic approach has just as much to offer.

I thought I’d show you guys some of the other cartoons that were submitted for the issue.  This one was actually my favourite but the editor thought it might be too obscure. I think he was right, hence why he’s the editor of course!  🙂

Anyway, I’ll have one more reject to show you next week, and then we’ll resume normal programming.

Thanks for reading!!

Simon & Finn visit Philosophy Now!

S&FPhilosophy nowThis week’s Simon & Finn brought to you courtesy of Philosophy Now!

The latest issue looks at the intersection of philosophy and literature. The next issue will explore communicating philosophy, so if you have ideas for cartoons, I’m taking suggestions!

Next week: The Philosophy Now Reject Pile!