William Steig, tribute

William Steig is the creator of the inimitable Shrek! The original of which looks quite different from the DreamWorks version, but both have their merits. Steig was a contributor to the New Yorker for decades and later in life became an acclaimed children’s book author.

The following is a copy of a watercolour from The Amazing Bone.


Work in progress..

Here are some things I’ve been – and am still – working on since I last posted.. I have discovered that trying to paint leaves is tedious as well as difficult..  so is painting people.. cats.. etc. etc 🙂

fall wip felder

“Fences” work in progress.. leaves, leaves, leaves… never again!

woman wip felder

Work in progress

rabbit wip felder

“rabbit” work in progress.. still trying to understand how to do grass here..


bet you didn’t expect this one ha ha. This one was fun and based from a picasso drawing

Bas-relief in progress: Horses in motion

The following is a work in progress. I’m trying to adhere sculpting medium to canvas which admittedly is trickier than I thought.. never mind realizing I could use some instruction in equine anatomy. However! It’s been an experience making this, as sculpting (for me) can be a highly finicky and detail-oriented, as opposed to painting which is a lot more free-flowing and fluid. I’ll post the final when complete. It measures roughly a metre by 3/4 of a metre.


Deer: Relief

I found some old “critter clay” and thought I would see what it can do. The following is the clay applied direct to a ~10″x10″ canvas. The material seems pretty cool so far as it takes detail well and air dries, so no need for ovens and the like.

deer relief felderApparently it also takes paint, not sure if I’ll try that on this piece but if so will post the next version. Either way it was a fun exercise.