Deer: Relief

I found some old “critter clay” and thought I would see what it can do. The following is the clay applied direct to a ~10″x10″ canvas. The material seems pretty cool so far as it takes detail well and air dries, so no need for ovens and the like.

deer relief felderApparently it also takes paint, not sure if I’ll try that on this piece but if so will post the next version. Either way it was a fun exercise.

2 thoughts on “Deer: Relief

  1. This is so lovely, Mel ❤ I love how the eye piece turned out. When I saw the title of this post, it made me think of your mouse deer — and I hope it brings warmth to you heart to be reminded of it and the time you were nursing it to health. I so love that story ❤

    Thank you for sharing this piece and your adventure with critter clay 🙂

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