S&F & Philosophy Now: Bertrand Russell!

Issue 120 of Philosophy Now is all about Bertrand Russell; who wouldn’t jump at the chance to illustrate that! The following cartoon accompanied an article “The Passionate Bertrand Russell” by Peter Stone. For more BR as seen through the eyes of Ernie, feel free to visit Ernie & The Conquest of Happiness.

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S&F in Philosophy Now: Critical Reasoning

The following cartoon accompanied the print version of Marianne Talbot’s How to Think: Critical Reasoning (Philosophy Now, Issue 106). The full article can be viewed here: https://philosophynow.org/issues/106/Critical_Reasoning    —  enjoy!S&F Critical Reasoning small


S&F in Philosophy Now: Obscurantism & Politics

S&F - Obscuranticism 400 x 900This cartoon accompanied Obscurantism & The Language of Excess, an article written by Siobhan Lyons for Philosophy Now.

The article, which is well written as well as entertaining, deals with the concept of obscurantism, that is, the “darkening or purposeful withholding of knowledge, or communicating in a purposefully complicated manner”.

The link between obscurantism and politics isn’t all that much of a stretch.

S&F and Philosophy Now – “Thoughts on Oughts”

Happy 2014!  The following cartoon accompanied the print version of Thoughts On Oughts, a piece reflecting on Hume’s argument that we can’t derive a moral argument from facts alone (Philosophy Now, Dec/2013).  Finn, of course, sees the immediate opportunity here.

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