S&F Oil Sands, repurposed

S&F OilSands1smallP.S. Some of you might think this one seems familiar.. and you would be right!  I have repurposed an old joke.  I should be ashamed..  but, I wanted to use this for something else and improve the punchline and drawing.  Hopefully I succeeded.  The original one can be seen here in case you’d like to disagree and/or play spot the differences!   And, an old oil sands rant that – alas – still holds true can be read here.

3 thoughts on “S&F Oil Sands, repurposed

  1. Good job repurposing your work 🙂 Environmentally conscious in your cartoons and with them, too! Spot the difference: you also changed your font!

    Ha, being ESL, I thought that I missed the joke on the mangling of metaphors…but just got it (I think)…the physical mangling of the metaphoric flower, right?!?

    • Heh, environmentally conscious repurposing. Although I did use new electrons…
      I did change my font! Good catch. I thought that might be one of the more subtle ones.
      And yes it’s the physical mangling of the metaphoric flower.

      Funny when I think of you I don’t think of ESL but I guess that is the case. In which case, writing a novel is even more impressive. I think we had talked about Joseph Conrad before but it seems ETL (english as his third language) did wonders for the uniqueness of his expression/sentence structure.

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