S&F Why create art anyway?!

S&FWhyArtCROPPEDsmalldarkerP.S. This week’s cartoon was inspired by a visit to the art treasures at the Royal Ontario Museum.  A simultaneously inspiring and humbling experience. 🙂

4 thoughts on “S&F Why create art anyway?!

  1. Because you have to… and in your case, Simon and Finn wouldn’t EXIST!!! I love those stories about ‘ordinary’ people (not considered artist’s in any way) who create masterpieces on their living room walls or backyards.

    • That’s awesome you thought of the existential dilemma facing Simon & Finn when they think of “why art”… Finn’s little drawing I think was a bit too small to make out so I’m particularly impressed!! I like your answer re: art… 🙂

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