Moving things forward – I think

So, I thought I’d provide an update on some of the graphic novel projects I was mentioning in earlier posts.  It’s been quite the learning curve in terms of trying to get up to speed on everything from how to layout a page to inking it (actually it’s been more like a learning precipice).

Anyhow, I can now happily say I’m about halfway through a longer Simon & Finn adventure with about 60 pages complete out of an estimated 120-ish.  It’s been interesting (for me anyway) to see how much the style has changed over the last few months as I try out new approaches.  For example, this is page one in the book (which some of you have already seen): 1 1- Simon gets a letterYou, astute reader, I expect will be horrified to see how stilted the speech balloons and especially the text look.  Not something I really noticed nor thought about going in but looking back, I’m like gah!  Ick. Yuck. It’s exactly like finding a nematode in your drink.

This next page is from much later on in the story, roughly about page 59 (ok, it’s exactly page 59, who am I kidding).  Here I feel the art is bit more “legit” in terms of demonstrating a more confident line, more white space, and the speech balloons and text seem to come together better.  To me, the feel of the page is cleaner and more appealing than the example above.8 59 Simon is stungAnd in the following page I even tried out filling in some black… I was feeling bold!

8 60 Discovery of cave ptgsNow, I know that you’re dying to know what’s next – right?  Well, I was thinking it might be good to emerge from the hermit shell and see what people think so far.  I’m grateful that a graphic novel reviewer has kindly agreed to look it over so we’ll see what comes of that, and I’m also looking around for editors active in this area as I have the sneaking suspicion there are some – ok a lot – of dull plot moments that should be edited out (i.e. just ‘cuz I think Simon & Finn sitting around a campfire for pages on end is all that, doesn’t mean you will 🙂

Anyway, that’s all for now!  Happy Friday!

5 thoughts on “Moving things forward – I think

  1. I am no expert on modern comic graphics, but I can’t help but still loving the clutter of the ‘home’ of the 1st page. In comparing it with page 59, I can see the effectiveness of the plein aire in the great out-of-doors and I particularly like the darkened elements that give it a creepy tension. So, howabout any home scenes in the cluttered, sherlockian mode and the rest, in my amateur opinion, you are on a roll.

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for the perspectives! Interesting and helpful to boot. It was a nice surprise to hear you liked seeing the inside of their house and all their “stuff” and that the other pages didn’t seem too disparate from that look… Another friend also mentioned they liked the detail in the first couple pages. So, maybe there’s something there I shouldn’t completely dismiss. This gives me lots to think about as I move forward to capture that elusive creature called style. Thanks again!

  2. Bold, courageous AND funny! I hope you get some useful feedback from the graphic novel reviewer–from my perspective, it takes courage to show your work-in-progress to someone who appears more experienced than you–and I hope you take the feedback you receive by pocking your neck out as opinions for consideration rather than as definitive commentary on your “elusive creature” 🙂 IMHO, you already have style, my dear, and getting feedback from others may help you see it for yourself.

    I liked John’s observations about the contrast in the styles between the homey indoors and the spacious outdoors. Looking at the whole pages, the amount of ink on the page certainly communicates a mood, to me: whether it is shading in some frames on a page, or through more detail and smaller frames on another.

    I think it is great that you are taking the time to reflect on your progress (on various levels), and keep going!! You are doing what you want to be doing, and not everyone is able, or gives themselves permission, to do that.

    P.S. I know I am being deep, particularly for a blog post comment!! That is *my* style 🙂

    • Hey Maggie! Thank you very much! I look forward to getting some feedback as well – your writing process has been inspirational for me and the collaboration with your editor has been on my mind. I’ve been wondering how I could do something similar for months. And wrt taking things as opinions for consideration as opposed to “definitive commentary”, that is sage advice… for many things.

      Thank you also for your thoughts on the indoors vs. outdoors scene and I’m particularly pleased and pleasantly surprised to hear that there is a mood conveyed. That’s something that is hard – if not impossible – for me to see when I’m in the weeds of drawing the pages.

      AND! I love your style. I appreciate your depth. It’s always welcome, be it over sushi, on-line, or on bixi bikes singing merrily down Queen St during the warm whispering nights of summer. 🙂

      • I am also deep over wine — and as with wine, my deepness is perhaps best enjoyed in small doses 😉
        For a stylistic or content editor, you could also seek collaboration with someone(s) who has a good sense for it, and has an interest in the comic story genre, but who is not necessarily a comic producer or editor; perhaps more of a comic connoisseur…Just some thoughts for more options for you.
        How to find such an “elusive creature”, when they don’t come knocking on your door first, is indeed another dimension to the challenge — one that keeps me consistently grateful for how this came about for me — however, when you put yourself or an idea out there, and it is meant to be, the universe provides…and when you don’t get the answer you think you seek, perhaps that is a clue to change the question?
        And with this second glass for this thread, I now intumesce 🙂

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