S&F in The Potent.ca – Oil Sands commentary

S&F OilSands1smallSome of you have seen this commentary on oil sands cartoon before..  The drawing was recently published in the The Potent.ca, which is a new entertainment website with an environmental twist.

S&F Higgs Boson, repurposed

S&F sub moronic repurposed 1This cartoon originally accompanied an earlier post on the Higgs Boson particle and the Large Hadron Collider – The mostly harmless Higgs Boson (or so long, and thanks for all the fonts).

I wanted to update the cartoon, so here it is.  🙂

S&F & the Arctic Grail, repurposed

Some time ago I wrote a brief post on McKenzie Funk’s awesome bit of writing on territory wars ensuing from the melting ice in the Arctic.  I wanted to redraw the cartoon as the original was pretty rough.  Here is the more evolved S&F for this week.  🙂

S&F McKenzie Funk repurposed small

S&F The Great Debate

S&F The Big Debate smallI attended an environmental conference a few weeks back and this continued to be the issue of the day… no wonder environmentalists drink a lot.  On another note I can’t figure out why the resolution seems off the last few cartoons.  Hopefully it isn’t too hard to read.

S&F Oil Sands, repurposed

S&F OilSands1smallP.S. Some of you might think this one seems familiar.. and you would be right!  I have repurposed an old joke.  I should be ashamed..  but, I wanted to use this for something else and improve the punchline and drawing.  Hopefully I succeeded.  The original one can be seen here in case you’d like to disagree and/or play spot the differences!   And, an old oil sands rant that – alas – still holds true can be read here.

S&F Monarch Butterfly Freefall

S&FButterflyEffectP.S. The sighting of five butterflies this year refers to particular regions where monarchs are typically expected – “in regions where more than 100 monarchs were spotted in the province last year, fewer than five have been observed this year.”  For more on this, please visit Vidya Kauri’s recent piece in G&M.

Printing Guns

S&F3DGunP.S.  For more reading on the actual story, see here, here, and here.  Crazy world we’re living in…  On a positive note, my coffee cups are finally starting to look a little less like chia pets.