S&F The Great Debate

S&F The Big Debate smallI attended an environmental conference a few weeks back and this continued to be the issue of the day… no wonder environmentalists drink a lot.  On another note I can’t figure out why the resolution seems off the last few cartoons.  Hopefully it isn’t too hard to read.

11 thoughts on “S&F The Great Debate

  1. I recently heard from a friend, who attended another environmental event, that someone from the audience, who was actually involved in organising the environmental event, asked “is climate change linked to human emissions?” It’s quite amazing, really, how some people manage to remain in such blissful ignorance!

    As for my personal experience, I noted a couple of years when I attended what I expected to be a sustainability event, that there has been a shift in that part of the industry from the pursuit of sustainability to the pursuit of resilience. In a way, it confirmed my personal shift in beliefs for the world and for my own beliefs: resilience is really the key to survival of any duration, and it is the key to contentment.

    As for the CC mitigation and adaptation debate, wouldn’t the point be moot if people realised and got on with adapting in such a way that mitigates the situation from getting worse?!

    • That’s funny about that question, yet I think it’s great that people without a lot of traditional interest in the area are bothering to go find out more. As far as resilience, I agree in that it is always a good idea, but to practice simply resilience without trying to fix or address the problem in some form to me seems odd. In terms of climate change anyway, as at least some kind of mitigative strategy would also have positive benefit for other things like air, water etc..

      • Interesting discussion on words given to concepts, for sure! Resilience to me is more than adaptation and mitigation together. To me, it speaks to the whole system thinking, including looking at the past, the present, and the future, but without getting lost in silo-ising these – to me, resilience is about good old common sense. So, I think we definitely agree on the concepts behind the words, and putting words to concepts is where things typically tend to go sideways 🙂 Would you agree?

        Maybe you’re onto something with putting images to concepts…it seems that there is a growing general effort in that direction as well. I just saw “Chasing Ice” the movie, where the idea of communicating the climate change with visuals (in this case, receding glaciers) seemed to be striking a cord with people – more so than words and numbers 🙂

        • I agree with you on the resilience piece/definition, although to me it still seems like something is missing as I’m not sure how much prevention plays a role. That said, it could be semantics as you point out as others might see that resilience as including and addressing the current (i.e. prevention).

          Loved Chasing Ice! Great film. I found the visuals in that film extremely moving and powerful. There’s a beauty in visuals that powerpoints and spreadsheets can’t often convey –

        • What?! Spreadsheets can be beautiful too!! 🙂 🙂 (Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?! Besides, I’m a spreadsheet fiend – more so for their utility than visual appeal, but utility can be beautiful too :))

          …and now that we’re completely off topic…

          Does Simon’s paper say: “National Boast” and “Facts & Non-Arguments”? A little challenging to make out, but if that’s what it says, then that’s funny too!!

        • I like spreadsheets! All those little numbers, following their marching orders. But, one doesn’t typically hear them called beautiful I would hazard, even though they can be.

          And… good eye on the paper! Thought I would poke equal fun at our nationals. 🙂

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