At the quiet centre of crisis

Don't even mention a point to this guy

There are some that say that in average, everyday situations man takes his existence for granted – he does not question it because “it is unproblematic and as tasteless as the ever present saliva in our mouths”.  That is to say in the course of an average, take-out-the -recycling-and-pay-the-bills, day of life the real heart and plume of our existence is largely unexamined (i.e., it’s a bit tricky to be deep, all the time).

However, in extreme situations the whole trend of our consciousness changes.  As per Stern (1967), it is in those extreme situations that we call crisis that man asks himself the ultimate questions of the meaning, the essence, and the value of human existence.  The birth of existentialism for example occurred during the ebb and flow of two world wars, when crisis existed on an unprecedented global level – now, if that isn’t inwardly directed inquiry I’m not sure what it is!

2 thoughts on “At the quiet centre of crisis

  1. Ha ha ha!!! That was a good one!

    No wonder I’m tired! I’ve had the good fortune of living on the existential edge for years!!!

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