S&F in Philosophy Now – “The Self”

This cartoon was published in the August issue of Philosophy Now.  This issue focused on how we define the idea of ‘self’, which was an interesting question to think about.

So, how would you define self?  🙂

S&F Phil Now Aug granular small

2 thoughts on “S&F in Philosophy Now – “The Self”

  1. I think, therefore I am, said a man whose mother quickly
    hit him on the head, saying, I hit my son on the head,
    therefore I am.
    No no, you’ve got it all wrong, cried the man.
    So she hit him on the head again and cried, therefore I am.
    You’re not, not that way; you’re supposed to think, not hit,
    cried the man.

    . . . I think, therefore I am, said the man.
    I hit, therefore we both are, the hitter and the one who gets
    hit, said the man’s mother.
    But at this point the man had ceased to be; unconscious he
    could not think. But his mother could. So she thought, I am,
    and so is my unconscious son, even if he doesn’t know it . . .”

    ― Russell Edson

    • Hey that’s pretty funny! Is the verdict that if one doesn’t think, one can still be? What about when one is sleeping? Are we still being?

      This Russell Edson chap seems rather talented. Some time ago, I came across his poem “The Floor”, or more specifically the “teetering bulb of dread and dream” line that’s so beautiful.

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