S&F Daylight Savings

S&F DaylightSavings cleanP.S. Ok, ok.. so I realize daylight savings was last week, but maybe this is still in keeping with the theme of it throwing off all life as one knows it.  Also, I left the sketch on lined paper, thinking that if Savage Chickens can publish on post-it notes, why not… That said, I won’t be doing that again anytime soon, as the resolution didn’t work out so well.  Whoops.

6 thoughts on “S&F Daylight Savings

  1. Sounds liike the Nufies beat Finn to that idea! They go by half past the hour
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  2. I often learn something from your comic form commentary, and many I find to be thought-provoking. Good work! Even if there is no point to existence, I have recently come to realise, that living, even if only because we *can* live, is still a sufficient motivator to keep going and to keep pursuing being content 🙂

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