Hello!  My name is Melissa – I’m an artist, writer, and cartoonist based out of Toronto, Canada.  I’m interested in art, the environment and conservation, philosophy, and in the world we live in of course!  Oh, and quantum mechanics is kinda cool too…

So, what’s this blog about?  Well basically, it’s about two little characters who explore real world questions around science & environment, social psychology, and philosophy – Simon & Finn.  There’s also a third character – Ernie – who galivants about and finds himself in philosophical dilemmas of some sort, usually in illustrated story form.  I also have some written work on science & environmental issues and longer graphic novel projects under development.

New Simon & Finn posts are published at most once a week.  To receive posts, hit follow via email on the Blog Page.  Spam free, I swear!

Feel free to contact me any time with blog ideas, art commissions, suggestions, corrections, or anything at all really, I’d be happy to hear from you!  simonandfinn (at) gmail.com

Oh, and I should mention that everything on this site – pictures, cartoons, etc. – is copyrighted by the very official sounding Canadian government (with the exception of the little cat on the Ortega post).  Please contact me if you want to use material or simply refer back to the site.  Thank you!

23 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks Melissa. I very, very rarely read blogs from end-to-end, so I am a happy believer in quantum explorations with funny bits especially the third sentence, paragraph three on page thirty-three.

    • Hi John, I’m so glad you enjoyed the blog posts!! There are quite a few on here now, I’m impressed that you read so many – you have a good attention span. 🙂 As to 3, 3, and 33… now I’m intrigued… this sounds very like a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference.. please enlighten me when you get a chance!

  2. As 4 the 3’s, I was wondering myself – great significance is implied. A clue is in the numerological function, I think?!? 3×4=12 ### 1+2=3 ###?! #3 is a very powerful #

  3. Howdy! I’d like to use your recent Is-Ought cartoon of Simon and Finn (attributed to you) on my blog to show what Hume’s philosophy… Sorry, I didn’t know how to get in contact with you so I posted here. Thanks!

    • Hello! Yes please go ahead – thank you for asking! Would love to read your post when you have it published. I visited your blog and am enjoying the reading so far. 🙂
      p.s. you can reach me over email at: simonandfinn (at) gmail.com

      • Thank You very much!! I will let you know when I post it. It will be on my 3rd installment of the Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate. Thanks again!

        • I’ve posted the final installment with the Simon and Finn cartoon. Thanks again! Also, FYI, I have a subscription to Philosophy Now and I love anticipating the Simon and Finn cartoons!!!!!!!!!!

        • True story, I’m not just saying that to be polite! They usually make me laugh, or I find more insightful philosophy in Simon and Finn than I do in some of the dense articles I read in Philosophy Now! Occam’s Razor at its best…

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  5. I’d like to post your drawing of autumn leaves with the Albert Camus quote when the leaves start to turn here in Rochester, NY. Naturally I’ll link back to you.

    I apologize for having copied some of your cartoons in the past without asking permission.

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