S&F and Philosophy Now – “Camus & the Myth of Sisyphus”

This piece was published in the Camus issue of Philosophy Now.

Bonus for S&F followers!  The Easter Egg in the strip (where easter egg refers to the gamer term for a hidden message or joke) is that the song they are singing at the end is the refrain for.. click here to find out!  🙂

S&F Camus3

12 thoughts on “S&F and Philosophy Now – “Camus & the Myth of Sisyphus”

  1. Sorry about that Melissa, I haven’t set any info up it is so new. Right now it’s a zero visibility snowstorm, a white out, tabla rasa, etc. And, ZAP!! wrong hippy; “Dave’s not here” – Cheech & Chong if my memory serves me right, it’s John from metalbender with a brand new writing site.

    Sheesh I’ll get to it.

  2. If I could find some time in my days, I think I really would enjoy a subscription to Philosophy Now 🙂 I found a quote (loosely adapted here) that resonated with me: “still fulfilling the purpose of existence when no longer needing to have any purpose except to live” (from the article “On Living Without Transcendence: A Homage to Camus” Sep/Oct 2013 Issue).

    That is so awesome, Mel, that you keep having your S&F work published! Good song choice, too! Funnily, I looked this song up on youtube not too long ago. I suppose if Sisyphus accepted the fate that was bestowed, contentment would be achieved, and thus, such a life would indeed be meaningful.

    I must look up this Sisyphus character, and perhaps learn something…

    • Hey there, yes I’m a big fan of Philosophy Now – pretty interesting pieces and each issue is very diverse with contributions from all over the world. I”m glad I stumbled across the magazine. Interesting quote… I interpret that as contentment? Not sure though, but it seems – pleasant – somehow.

      Thank you for the support! Sisyphus is an interesting chap, worth looking up.. 🙂

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