S&F and Philosophy Now: Eating pygs

S&F Pygs044 web


Deer: Relief

I found some old “critter clay” and thought I would see what it can do. The following is the clay applied direct to a ~10″x10″ canvas. The material seems pretty cool so far as it takes detail well and air dries, so no need for ovens and the like.

deer relief felderApparently it also takes paint, not sure if I’ll try that on this piece but if so will post the next version. Either way it was a fun exercise.

Bearings: To pyg or not to pyg

Have you heard of pygs? Me neither, until I came across a recent article which hypothesized their creation. A pyg (an imaginary thing at this point), is a pig that has been genetically modified to be less intelligent. The author of the piece, and the originator of the idea, poses the controversial suggestion that pygs, being less intelligent, would also supposedly feel less pain (due to their decreased intelligence – but I can’t really see how intelligence has anything to do with pain, or moreover, how one really measures intelligence.. but that’s a whole other kettle of fysh). Anyway, this muted pain “attribute” would help render pygs more appropriate for eating purposes… a.k.a make us feel better about the whole thing.


Bearings Pygs043

S&F and Philosophy Now: Whither thee, rights?

The following accompanied the print article of “What are Human Rights by Tim Dare (Issue #118, Philosophy Now). The piece discusses how far human rights claims can stretch as an outcome of social axioms & varied definitions, for example whether we consider rights as “right-based claims” or rights that exist simply by virtue of being human. It’s more complicated than one would think…



Article penned by Tim Dare, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Auckland,  New Zealand.