Sculpture: Leopard Ray

ray1This is Biscotti the Leopard Ray.. a somewhat fanciful interpretation of an otherwise much more elegant creature. 🙂  Biscotti is made up of chicken wire, Sculpey clay, acrylic paint, and two free ebony buttons from the Beadery on Queen St.



More sculptures

A few days ago I posted a paperclay and wire sculpture in progress, here a few snaps of the finished piece. He’s an indoor AND outdoor cat. 🙂

cat insidecat outsideI also decided to work on another piece that was sitting around. Not too sure what to do with it next exactly, it was more of an initial experiment with chicken wire and Sculpey clay, which one has to bake to set. However, his name is “Biscotti”. Apparently biscotti means twice-baked, which seemed entirely appropriate given I had to cook him twice.