S&F in Philosophy Now: Friendship and Altruism

Hello! The following cartoon accompanied the print version of Daniel Tippen’s article: “Why Self-Interest Makes Relationships Valuable” (Issue 112 of Philosophy Now). In this article the author discusses the nature of friendship and its relationship to altruism. As altruism can take many forms, in this case it is argued that it is only genuine altruism that is the basis for true friendship.

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S&F in Philosophy Now: The Free Will of Ebenezer Scrooge

The following cartoon accompanied the print version of The Free Will of Ebenezer Scrooge, by Richard Kamber (Philosophy Now, Issue 111).

The article, which delves into arguments relating to determinism and free will, is available here and the cartoon is loosely based on a very bad morning indeed. 🙂

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S&F: Beware the Minotaur

I’ve been reading an interesting book “Art and Spiritual Transformation” by Finley Eversole. Amongst other thought-provoking chapters, he has one dedicated to the underlying symbolism of the labyrinth. For example, did you know the distinction between mazes and labyrinths? As follows:

Maze: A series of underground tunnels and passages with intersecting paths that wander chaotically, winding back on themselves or terminating in dead ends.

Labyrinth: Seven circuits of one path which lead eventually – and only – to the centre.

Eversole goes on to discuss how the general ‘lost’ feeling of life is akin to wandering within a maze, however when one begins to focus on spiritual transformation this maze sublimates into a labyrinth. Of course, at the centre of the labyrinth who does one find but the Minotaur. The Minotaur is said to be representative of our animal nature; a creature in which the beast rules the intellect. This is indicated by the bull head atop a human form.

To be able to escape the labyrinth, therefore, it is said that we must defeat the Minotaur and thus symbolically defeat our animal nature. Only when the Minotaur is vanquished can we find our way from out the Labyrinth by following Ariadne’s silver thread. The silver thread is allegorical for our spiritual nature, always apart and yet nearby, should we choose to pursue it…S&F minotaur RGB web

S&F in Philosophy Now: The Paradox of Liberalism

The following cartoon accompanied the print version of Francisco Uribe’s article “The Paradox of Liberalism” (Philosophy Now, Issue 110).  In this article, the writer discusses why the rise of fundamentalism poses particular challenges for liberalism given the latter’s core tenet that individuals should be able to act as they see fit…

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S&F in Philosophy Now: The Prisoner’s Dilemma

The following cartoon accompanied the print version of Brian Kings’s article “The Prisoner’s Dilemma and The Evolution Of Morality” (Philosophy Now, Issue 109).  In this article, the writer explores the evolution of morality through game theory, specifically: The Prisoner’s Dilemma. This is a game that you “win” by getting the lowest number of years in jail. The outcome depends on whether or not you decide to rat out your partner in crime, thereby exemplifying either selfish or cooperative behaviour. Ideally, both partners would remain silent… ideally.
S&F Prisoner's Dilemma 900x1737 300 dpi - smallFeel free to read more about the game and its tenets here, which is summarized in the following image. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prisoner%27s_dilemma

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S&F in Philosophy Now: The Moral Worth of Animals

The following cartoon accompanied the print version of Samuel Kaldas’s article Descartes vs. Cudworth on The Moral Worth of Animals (Philosophy Now, Issue 108). In this article, the writer compares two views on the nature of animals and their implications for our moral responsibility towards them. It’s interesting to compare Descartes views – disturbing to many today – to those of his contemporary Cudworth, who held surprisingly modern views for his time. Article link provided below.S&F Descartes 300 dpi 400 x 800 https://philosophynow.org/issues/108/Descartes_versus_Cudworth_On_The_Moral_Worth_of_Animals



S&F: Lachesis

The following is very loosely based on the recent research in telomeres, aging & disease. I took a bit of a left turn into Greek mythology. Everyone needs more Greek mythology in their life.

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