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I know, I know.. the time for bad horse meat jokes is past due… but someone’s gotta close the barn door after.  🙂

A Finn-y Friendship 3


Ok, so this week – in addition to taking a final cheap shot at psycho-analyzing Finn – I’m still playing around with formatting. It’s been tricky to find a middle ground between gigantic and miniscule (aka the Goldilocks conundrum).

I also am trying out a new version of Gimp, an open-source (i.e. free) alternative to PhotoShop.

Conclusion?  Don’t try too many new things at once.

Anyhow, here’s my latest attempt, hope it translates ok on your screens.  🙂

A Finn-y Friendship 2

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So.. some of you may recall a conversation with my mom last week, where she dared to admit she wasn’t the biggest fan of Finn…

As a result of this catastrophic news, investigation has begun into Finn’s psyche.  In this week’s post, we continue to investigate the raison d’etre of Finn – is he just a punk?  Or is he a punk with a history?

The plot thickens.  🙂

P.S. I’m playing around a bit with format/sizing, so please let me know if things look wonky on your end.  Also, thinking of putting up some pages of a larger Simon & Finn story in pending posts if there is appetite for that!

A Finn-y Friendship

chkSo.. I was having a conversation with my mom last week when the subject of webcomics came up (yes, I know – a common topic of conversation with one’s parents…) Anyway, we were merrily chatting and I happened to mention Simon & Finn.  She paused.

Sensing something amiss, I pursued the pause like a beagle after a quick brown fox. The conversation went something like this:

Me: “Why are you pausing?  Is there something about Simon & Finn you are wanting to tell me?”

Mom (uncertainly): “Nooo… not really..”

Me: “What is it?? Tell me!!!”

Mom (uncertainly): “Well…. I’m not quite sure how to say this… but …” She stopped, but then continued in low, hushed tones: “I don’t know if I like Finn!”

Me: “WHAT???”

Mom (growing bolder): “Well.. he’s no good for Simon!  He always brings him down!”

This was pure gold!  And made me think… yes Finn is a bit of a punk… but maybe I haven’t given him enough of a backstory… why is he such a punk… does he really not care about Simon?  And… is he really that unlikable?!  Maybe what I find funny, moms find concerning, but stay with me with me as we delve deeper into the psychology of the hairballed one..

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