Ink sketch – clown

I was recently given some vintage scary clown dolls. An astute friend thought I might want to draw them, turns out she was right. The title of this one is Why so scared? – a shocker, I know. 🙂 Materials: ink, wash, watercolour pencil, acrylic. And bad quality paper!why so scared - web


Sculpture, twisted face

An odd little clay piece I did from a while back… the eyes are a bit confusing in that they were supposed to be the closed lids occurring further down the face, but in retrospect I think the holes above them might be misleading, which lends an entirely different impression. IMG_20160624_184759 sm


More sculptures

A few days ago I posted a paperclay and wire sculpture in progress, here a few snaps of the finished piece. He’s an indoor AND outdoor cat. 🙂

cat insidecat outsideI also decided to work on another piece that was sitting around. Not too sure what to do with it next exactly, it was more of an initial experiment with chicken wire and Sculpey clay, which one has to bake to set. However, his name is “Biscotti”. Apparently biscotti means twice-baked, which seemed entirely appropriate given I had to cook him twice.


Sculpture in progress: Alleycat

photo2 smI started this piece last spring and randomly decided to work on it some more today..  it’s made of a combination of tape, metal, and this wonderful sculpture material called paperclay which can be used to give a more textured look.

Here is a side 1 smP.S. The tail used to be higher in the air but then a wasp stung me, I knocked it over on the ground during the commotion, and voila, the tail was curved into a new shape. So is that a happy accident out of unhappy one? Still deciding!

Bearings: Ice cream trucks

Ah, summer. With it, glorious sun, heat, growing green things.. and the incessant idling of ice-cream trucks. Maybe I was in a bad mood but the following came to mind after noticing the “watch for children” sign on the truck that circles my block. I’m trying out a few things here, including colour, a brand new scanner (!), and a troubled attempt at perspective, as witnessed by the many eraser marks…Bearings - Ice Cream small




Firemen, once more

Here are the simple sketches completed for Raindance Theatre’s web series video production: The Cinematography of Comics, as I posted about last week. They are firemen, but not your regular kind. Back to regular Simon & Finn cartoons next week!Drunk Fireman smPeggy Fireman - smOldie Fireman - sm


Firemen Sketches – Raindance Theatre

Thought I’d post some sketches in progress for Toronto’s Raindance Theatre. The finals are to be used in their web series video production: The Cinematography of Comics (working title), featuring none other than the infamous Ty Templeton.

I welcome any feedback so as to improve the final product.. not totally satisfied with Sketch #2 just yet, but hopefully the atypical nature of each fireman is fairly clear.

photo 1 adj photo 2 - adj photo 3 - adj